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Posted: Sat May 22nd 2021

Flight King - Private Jet Charter Rental

Address: Boston, MA 02201
Phone: 617-861-0014
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About US
The team at TFK has decades of experience in the Jet rental and discounted commercial First and Business class industry. In this day and age there are many reasons why people choose to charter a private jet. Whether you have a time sensitive business meeting or want the safety and security of a private cabin dedicated to just you, your friends and your loved ones, TFK has a range of airplane options from ultra light jets capable of safely flying 4 to 6 passengers for 3-4 hours to long range jets which can fit 14 or more travelers and fly nonstop for over 10 hours at a time.
Our private jet operators adhere to the highest safety standards with experienced pilots, disinfected cabins and state of the art navigation equipment. With access to all major international and regional airports across the world, you can now fly private domestically like New York to Miami, or internationally like Austin to London.
If long haul travel is what you seek, TFK is the leader in discounted comercial First and Business class tickets. With discounts up to 70% as well as an array of 4/5 star airlines,TFK will get you to your destination safely, comfortably and at a great price.
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Hours: Monday-Sunday, 24 hours
Payment: All cc, cash,
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