N2Local are 100% local ads and classifieds that you post, from resume and job postings to real estate and dating!

What this site is really about involves a few things. The first being that I just really wanted to see if I could pull something off that could be useful for the local (your local) population. Another was my frustration with other classifieds sites that led me to build something I believe is easier to use, more efficient and user friendly.

I've spent many a night after work, weekends and just about any "free" time I've had to get this thing going. New ideas are hatched daily in the bars and coffee shops of Seattle, WA. New features will be strategically added when time permits.

If you have any suggestion, comments etc. Let me know what you think. You can also contribute on FaceBook or Google Plus. Don't forget to "like" and "+1" N2Local!

I'm always interested in investors, people with mad skills, twists on old ideas, art etc... If you have 2 cents to contribute, send me a note.