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Posted: Fri May 24th 2019

Hotel Channel Manager

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eRevMax was set up in 2001. This travel technology agency is based in Orlando, Florida, and helps hotels across the world streamline business processes and boost revenues. Its services and software programs have been globally acclaimed.
eRevMax is a top provider of revenue management, market intelligence, channel connectivity, and online distribution solutions in the hospitality industry. It offers hotel channel management software that has achieved top rankings, and can help customers get 3 times hotel bookings.
The agency offers RateTiger, a first-class hotel channel management solution, which makes hotel operations much easier. It also has SimpleDistribution on offer, which is an online solution. There is also Connect, an enterprise connectivity gateway that works in real-time and is aimed at helping the travel and hospitality industry. It has also come up with an amazing web-based hotel distribution connectivity solution known as RTConnect, which helps major hotels and the hospitality industry across the globe.
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