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Posted: Fri Jun 30th 2023

Flightdeck + Rogue Racing

Prepare for an unparalleled adventure at Flightdeck + Rogue Racing, the ultimate destination for an adrenaline-fueled day of fun and excitement in Anaheim, Orange County, and the surrounding regions. As a leading event venue and flight simulator facility, we offer a captivating array of entertainment options for individuals, families, and groups of all sizes. Get your heart racing as you engage in thrilling air combat, taking control of a fighter jet and experiencing the adrenaline of intense aerial battles. Take on the challenge of the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix as you navigate the twists and turns of the race circuit in a state-of-the-art Formula 1 car, feeling the exhilaration of high-speed racing. For aviation enthusiasts, our realistic Boeing 737 commercial jet simulator provides an immersive experience, allowing you to test your piloting skills with a challenging landing simulation. Conveniently located just a short walk away from the main entrance of Disneyland, Flightdeck + Rogue Racing is a must-visit tourist attraction that guarantees a unique and unforgettable adventure. Whether you're a thrill-seeker, an aviation lover, or simply looking for a one-of-a-kind outing, our amusement center is the perfect destination to create cherished memories and experience pure excitement.

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