Anaheim, Ca - Local - Business Opportunity

Posted: Mon Dec 12th 2022

Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists Orange County

Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists is the leading psychiatric mental health provider in Orange County. Our Physicians and medical psychiatrists in Orange treat various mental health issues including anxiety, depression, drug and substance abuse, alcoholism, Alzheimer's Disease, behavioral disorders, grief, sleep disorders, obesity, trauma, social anxiety, among others.
We provide general psychiatry, senior psychiatry for the elderly, child psychiatry, women’s psychiatry, medication management, and TMS treatment. Our telehealth psychiatrists are also ready to help patients heal remotely. We are here to help by prescribing medication and treatment (cognitive behavioral therapy) via our affiliated therapists.

Contact Info:
3400 W Ball Rd suite Suite 100B,
Anaheim, CA 92804 USA

Owner Name:
Dr. Alejandro Alva, MD

Operating Hours:
Monday-Fri 8:30 am - 4:00 PM

Payment Methods:
all credit cards, Advance Care by Discover, health insurance (in network with all major carriers), DHCS by Cal optima