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Posted: Fri Mar 13th 2020


Contact Person:
Jennifer Greffet
Full Address:
1791 W Dairy Place, Suite 185
2nd Address
St. Louis Office: 300 W. 4th Street, Suite B
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Business Description:
Enlogic is the world's best services providers of Power Distribution Uunits and environmental accessories. We are the global technology division of CIS, the world leader in OEM PDU design and manufacturing. Enlogic was founded in 2011 to solve in the data center industry’s power and energy management issues. With our commitment to continuous improvement, Enlogic is focused on providing real-world energy solutions to the data center industry.
Enlogic focuses on:
- Power Distribution Units
-Input Metered
-Input Metered, Outlet Switched
-Outlet Metered
-Outlet Metered, Outlet Switched
- Environmental Accessories
-Temperature sensors
-Humidity Sensors
-Leak Sensors
- Inline Energy Meters
-Single Input/Output
- Dual locking IEC power cords

Enlogic’s global network of sales representatives, manufacturing, distribution, design, engineering, and support team are located in the following regions: :
- United States
- China
- India
- Taiwan
- Hong Kong
- United Kingdom
- Netherlands
- Denmark
- Czech Republic
- Australia.
Business Keywords:
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Data Center, IT industry, Colocation Data Centers
Business Hours:
7:30am-5:00pm (Monday-Friday)
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Short Description:
Enlogic is the best and innovative services providers of Power Distribution Units in the market today. Enlogic is the global technology division of CIS, the world leader in OEM PDU design and manufacturing. Enlogic products consist of cutting-edge solutions for real-world power, environment and security management issues facing the data center Industry. Enlogic is known as the industry’s innovation leader for intelligent power and environmental management solutions.