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Posted: Tue Sep 15th 2020

Bio-Safe One, Inc.


2710 Thomes Ave Suite 8252
Cheyenne, WY
United States


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9am to 9pm Mon-Saturday. Any other hours a field technican may be on call.

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Specialize in Waste Clean up, Septic Tank Treatment Products, Septic Maintenance, Septic Cesspool and Drainfield Restoration, Organic Cleaners, Natural Cleaners.
Our products are developed over 75 Years of Lab Testing and Development. Our Same Team of Scientist that help clean up the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill are involving in making our specilized patented products that total digest not just break apart but totally remove waste, decontaminate and completely digest waste away.
All forms especially Biomat (black tar like compund that destroy pipes and septic systems mostly consisting of grease, oil and sewage. Also Sludge heavy thick brown solid waste. Unlike other products our product have been successfully treating, maintaining all forms of septic problems and failure for many years now. Our products not only remove the sewage but treat it removing it completely. Saves you big money by eliminating septic pumpouts, reversing septic failure (not having to hire an expensive septic contractor ($10-$70,000 USD) and by not having your family breathe in sewage or have it affect your immediate environment and water supply. Strongest, best, most, unique patented products on the market millions of times stronger than any product on the market. They only products that really have been know to reverse septic failure.

1.5 Year BOSS, 3 Year BOSS, BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Digester (currently not live), BIO-112 Grease Trap Products, Bio-Injector Battery Operated, Bio-Injector Electric Corded,
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