Killeen, TX - Local - Business Opportunity

Posted: Sun Sep 11th 2022

Better Health service

Owner Name:
Jams smith
Business Address:
123 E Veterans Memorial Blvd
Killeen, TX
Business Phone:
(254) 699-5944
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Keywords/ Tags:
Dental implants, Tooth removal, Professional teeth cleaning
Description / About:
When you go for a dental check-up, your dentist should ask questions about your general health and medications. Many health conditions have an effect on your oral health and vice versa. Some medicines can affect your mouth or need to be taken into consideration before dental treatment.
Your dentist will check each tooth using small instruments, such as a mirror and probe (a fine, pick-like tool). The dentist looks for issues such as tooth decay, gum disease and other conditions.
Operation Hours:
M-F 8am to 5pm
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