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Posted: Mon Dec 27th 2021

Olaya Inc Used Tire Warehouse

"Olaya Used Tire Wholesale Warehouse is the best place to get used tires. We sell Discount Used Tires by the Truckload, from 14"" through 22"" used tires. Different used tire dealers have different type of tire customers, so we cater our used tire loads to accommodate our customers.

We can discuss used tire options over the phone or we can travel to visit your facility. You can also travel to our used tire facility and see how we operate.

Contact us today and let’s get started. In an economy that has been struggling for years, the Used Tire business is thriving and it also appears to be a business that will be strong for many years to follow. We have built up our clientele by focusing on key traits that has served us well through the years. These traits include:
• Good supplies of all grades of Quality Used Tires and Discount Used Tires.
• We can keep a steady supply of Used Tires coming your way.
• We arrange the shipping of Quality Used Tires to your location.
• Serving Houston Texas and surrounding cities."