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Posted: Thu Jan 16th 2020

Revitalize Pain & Stress Relief Centre

Revitalize Pain & Stress Relief Centre
Holistic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Medical spa, Wellness Center, Health Spa
Revitalize Pain & Stress Relief Centre features Himalayan Salt Therapy (Halotherapy), Flotation Therapy (Sensory Deprivation Tank), and Infrared (red light) Stimulation Therapy. We offer a physical and mental approach to wellness ... what we like to call our MINDANDBODY approach to Wellness. We are the only location in Pittsburgh (and in the greater Pittsburgh region) offering these three unique services. We are also pleased to announce our addition of the Revitalize Meditation Centre which offers Individual/Group Meditation Instructional Classes (learn to meditate) as well as Chakra Healing Meditation and our partnership with The Functional Medicine Centre for Wellness, Sewickley's only Functional Medicine provider.
Full Address:
432 Green St
Sewickley, PA
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Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat 10am to 10pm
Sun 10am to 5pm