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Posted: Tue Oct 08th 2019

Vames & Wang Injury Lawyers

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Vames & Wang Injury Lawyers’ focus is personal injury, which means we spend almost all of our time dealing with our clients' injuries and insurance, and the issues that surround them. All day, every day. That is why our lead customer service paralegal is a veteran former insurance adjuster, and our lead trial lawyer used to defend insurance companies--you need to know what the other side will do to beat them at their own game. We have the experience and insight needed to successfully resolve your case.
At Vames & Wang Injury Lawyers we only hire people with excellent, proven customer service backgrounds. We give them the best tools and technology to be efficient, on top of your case, and easy to reach. We believe that the law is, after all, a service industry. Everyone in our firm has spent his or her entire legal career in the personal injury field, dealing with medical, insurance, and compensation issues. Being extensively involved with the Oregon Trial Lawyer's Association also means we know and work with the best trial lawyers in the state, whom we may assist, or whom we may call on to assist us. Our goal for every client is the same: the best possible outcome by putting the best people and resources on that client's case.
At our offices you won't find desks overflowing with paper. That is simply unnecessary with today's technology. Our efficiency means quick response times, instant access to your case information, and no administrative costs to you.
Because we know that a person can always drop his or her current attorney and find another, we try to make sure our clients' experience is top notch. Call us today for a free consultation, and see for yourself how easy working with a customer service-oriented law firm can be.
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Emery Wang, Paul Vames
5920 NE Ray Circle, Suite 145
Hillsboro, OR
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Vames & Wang Injury Lawyers' focus is car crashes and other situations where you are injured through the fault of another person. Almost always, your fight will be with that person's insurance company, and sometimes, with your own. Insurance companies have teams of adjusters and lawyers that they hire to protect their interests. A good legal team will fight for yours. Our mission is to be that legal team. We will help you navigate the system, negotiate with the insurance companies, and protect your financial interests while getting your case resolved as painlessly as possible. We will also fight for you in the courtroom when needed, to help you get fairly and fully compensated for your injuries and losses.