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Posted: Wed May 18th 2022

Yefsi Estiatorio

If you love Greek food, you need to try Yefsi Estiatorio. It's a restaurant located on New York City's Upper East Side that serves authentic Greek food, and it has a full bar. Whether you're looking for lunch or dinner, this place is perfect if you want to try some greek food that you may not have had before. The staff is very friendly and hospitable, and they make sure that your experience is enjoyable. The menu has many delicious dishes including lamb chops, octopus, and more! You can choose from many appetizers and desserts. If you are looking to try a Greek restaurant in NYC, then you should visit us at ​​Yefsi Estiatorio. Our chef Christos Christou's childhood was surrounded by farm-fresh vegetables, homemade cheeses, fresh yogurt, and meats from the family farm—he had found his passion in truly home-style Greek cuisine! Please give us a call at (212) 535-0293 to book a table with us.
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Address: 1481 York Ave, New York, NY, 10075
Phone: 212-535-0293