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Posted: Wed Mar 16th 2022


635 Madison Ave. Suite #1202



(212) 913-9612

Microblading NYC - Located in the heart of Manhattan, Arch Angels NYC is more than just a microblading studio -- we offer a full, innovative beauty experience. We aim to inspire and empower each of our clients, using the latest industry techniques to give you beautiful, natural brows and radiant skin. From microblading to permanent makeup, we can create a stunning look that simplifies your routine, giving you an effortless appearance that's uniquely you. Sit back, relax in our spa-like atmosphere, and let our team of professionals take care of everything.
We specialize in Microblading, Ombre Brows, Powder Brows, Lip Contour, Top Eye Contour, Lower Eye Contour and Tattoo Removal.

permanent makeup training class
permanent makeup classes
Microblading School
Microblading Classes
Microblading Class
permanent makeup school
Microblade Training Classes
Microblading Training Classes