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Posted: Mon Aug 02nd 2021

Si Joint Dysfunction

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Ligaments bind the SI joints to solidify your pelvis and to reduce the range of allowable motion. The joints have a cartilage layer over the bones, which allows frictionless movement. When this cartilage layer is damaged or wears out with age, the bones rub against each other, which can lead to SI joint disease. Some causes of such damage include:

- Degenerative diseases such as arthritis or spondylosis
- The hormonal changes of pregnancy, which allow the ligaments of the SI joint to relax
- A discrepancy in leg length
- A traumatic injury to your lumbar spine
- Sacroiliac joint infection

When you visit Si Joint Dysfunction in Paramus, NJ, your spine surgeon uses the latest medical equipment to determine the underlying cause of the SI joint disease. Once Dr. Skovrlj knows the underlying cause of your SI joint pain, he can recommend the most effective SI joint disease treatment option. By using evidence-based spinal treatments, he achieves successful long-term outcomes.

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