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Posted: Fri Sep 17th 2021

NJ Hood Cleaners

NJ Hood Cleaners is here to eliminate dirt and grease from your hood with an unparalleled selection of different brands and types of high-performance baffle vent filters. Our commercial kitchen cleaning company also has hood accessory pieces that attach to the top of the metal housing. It covers exhaust grills, which require cleaning, repair, or replacement as well!

High-Performance Baffle Hood Filter: designed to catch grease and smoke particles at high speeds, our stainless steel can be easily removed for cleaning.

Hood Filter Accessories: hood filters will need repair or replacement over time because they are susceptible to grease and smoke. Hanging these accessories on your wall ensures you know where to find the parts that work with your specific type of hood filter.

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Address: 378 Walnut St, Newark, NJ 07105
Phone no: 973-447-8519