Marlton, NJ - Services Offered - Cleaning

Posted: Mon Aug 17th 2020


AACCTPRO is actually located in Philadelphia, NJ, and Marlton, PA. Our team consists of highly trained engineers that work with your space. They physically survey the area and coordinate with all relevant parties to deliver our top-class services with efficiency. We're fully equipped with all required personal protective equipment to guarantee AACCTPROTECTION. Our pieces of equipment are
Bio Friendly
Pet Friendly
EPA Registered
Food Friendly
Eco Friendly

AACCTPROTECT kills 99.99 % of microbes including the human coronavirus family. Unlike the great majority of disinfecting services, we address the future rather than only the past. You will be protected from harmful bacteria and viruses for ninety days after the same immediate application appointment.

Our patented products have been specially formulated to not wash off soft or hard surfaces with regular cleanings. They form an invisible bond on the treated surfaces, whether they're porous or non-porous. As long as abrasives aren't used, these coasting will last for months as well as years on areas that are actually touched less.

Unlike common disinfectants such as diluted bleach along with other commercial cleaners, this modern marvel is actually boosted by encapsulated sensitive polymers that release disinfectant upon human contact. These coatings are safe and non-toxic for the earth.

We’re serving the nearby areas with several disinfecting services which includes,
AACCTPROTECT Anti-Viral/Bacterial Coating
AACCTPRO Negative Ion Disinfection
AIR DOOR Installation
Body Temperature Camera Installation
Laminar Airflow Installation
UV Light Installation
Hands-Free Lighting Installation
Hands-Free Toilet Installation
HEPA Filters For HVAC Units
24/7 Digital Air Monitoring and Reporting

Our office is located at1000 LINCOLN DR E SUITE 3A 2ND FLOOR, MARLTON, NJ 08053. Call us at NJ Office Phone Number 27-AACCTPRO."