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Posted: Sun Nov 14th 2021

Linguistic Justice

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100 Clifton Pl, Apt 703, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07304
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(786) 422-2695
Interpretation, translation, language access, simultaneous interpretation, communicacions, language justice, diversity and inclusion, languages, human rights.
Linguistic justice is a movement that focuses on providing equal opportunity language access and advocacy for each individual to understand and communicate in their preferred language, and to not face discrimination for doing so.
The combination of both elements in the hands of skillful language experts and compassionate advocates results in a tangible means to fully recover the voice, independence and dignity for those members of our communities unable to express themselves fully in the dominant language.
The linguistic justice movement strives for all communities to have the same opportunities to understand and participate in our society, by advocating for inclusive spaces while maintaining the highest standards within the language services industry.
A diverse and truly inclusive society where multilingual communities are given the tools to participate and understand on equal footing.
A society where the right to communicate in one’s preferred language is considered a human right, which is fully protected by law as a fundamental component of true freedom of speech
Monday To Sunday: 9am-11pm
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