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Posted: Thu Oct 28th 2021

Pain Sacroiliac Joint NJ

Address: 100 McGaw Dr suite 12, Edison, NJ 08837
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Some of the symptoms that point to sacroiliac joint disease include: - Mild to severe aching pain in your lower back - Hot, sharp and stabbing pain in your buttocks or backs of your thighs - An instability in your pelvis and lower back - A reduced range of motion in your lower back - Lower back stiffness and unexplained inflexibility - Increased pain when climbing stairs, running, jogging or just laying down Chronic pain affects many aspects of your daily life, leading to stress. If you’re not able to do your job because of the disease, you risk a loss of income. Don’t let it get that far; remember that early diagnosis produces the best treatment outcomes. Advances in spine treatment have produced more effective sacroiliac joint disease treatment options. At first, your doctor may recommend conservative treatment options, such as physical therapy, steroid injections or oral pain medications. But these non-surgical procedures usually don’t work long-term. Dr. Skovrlj at Pain Sacroiliac Joint NJ in Edison, New Jersey offers more advanced solutions with minimally invasive surgical procedures. After acknowledging that the traditional treatments have not yielded satisfactory results, your spine specialist may recommend sacroiliac joint fusion. This procedure, sometimes using a stabilizing implant, relieves your pain and restores a full range of motion to your lower back. Contact Pain Sacroiliac Joint NJ today for an evaluation: 732-639-5069.
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