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Posted: Sat Oct 16th 2021

CABRA Technology Systems Inc

Cabra Technology Systems is a family-owned security system installation firm. We specialize in intrusion detection systems, CCTV surveillance systems, and keypad and badge access control systems. We also create custom security system packages. We serve daycares, restaurants, funeral homes, and nursing homes, and other small businesses.

We help your business in several key ways, including:

• Theft and Loss Prevention. 75% of business failures are caused by financial losses from employee theft. Our camera systems keep honest people honest—both employees and customers—and let dishonest people show themselves. Never lose expensive tools or wonder what happened to missing stock when a camera shows the last place they were left.

• Additional Revenue Streams. Our CCTV camera systems can double as livestreaming equipment to provide additional services to your customers. Do you run a daycare? You can charge parents a monthly fee to access selected cameras to check on their children any time of day to see that they are being well-cared for. Do you own a funeral parlor? Let your CCTV cameras livestream services so clients’ family members across the country can attend.

• Higher-Quality Customer Service and Sales. You can make sure employees follow sales scripts and offer upsells in every customer interaction. You can also ensure that employees are consistently providing top-quality service even when the manager isn’t around.

• Quality Control and Safety. Does your business handle sensitive equipment, chemicals, or data? Cabra’s CCTV systems let you make sure employees are following safety protocols, see who is entering and leaving the premises, and identify the source of cause of damaged equipment or inventory. You can be everywhere at once while staying in one place, without having to walk a marathon around the building each day.

Address: 2102 Angier Ave Suite A, Durham, NC 27703, United States
Phone Number: 8667515002