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Posted: Fri Apr 08th 2022

Claims Recovery Services

Claims Recovery Services is an audit, research and discovery firm for overage and unclaimed assets. We have been helping clients for over 15 years. Knowing the ins and outs of statutes and laws is critical in successfully claiming what is owed. We provide an efficient and reliable service to our clients and take pride in helping people receive money they are owed.

Service: Help people find money and unclaimed assets they are owed and filing on their behalf

Business hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm Central USA time zone

We are located at 2825 Independence Ave #4, Kansas City, MO 64124, United States

Contact Us:
Phone: (816) 617-1788
Email: claimsrecoveryservices@outlook.com

Visit: www.claimsrecoveryservice.com