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Posted: Mon Oct 14th 2019

Exit Momentum

EOS Implementer , Exit Planning, Entrepreneurial Operating System, Traction
Exit Momentum - EOS® Implementer - Exit Planning Professional - We simplify running your business with proven business tools, processes and systems. We help you get unstuck so you can grow your business. Get the entire organization on the same page, embrace where the organization is going and how the organization will get there. Hire and retain great people, with every person in a seat that matches their abilities, clearly understanding the role(s) they play in achieving the company vision. Maintain an absolute pulse on the business, knowing precisely where the company is at any time and more accurately predicting where the company will be in the future. Solve problems as they arise and at the root cause, so they don’t come back.
Owner Name:
Cullen Talley
Full Address:
17732 Highland Rd., Suite G-274
Baton Rouge
Phone Number:
(225) 244-9502
Business email:
M-F 9am-5pm
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