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Posted: Wed Jul 11th 2018

Why 2 Wealth

Owners Names:
Timothy R. Johnson, Emerson Brantley
2207S. Michigan Street
South Bend, Indiana
Timothy R. Johnson, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Consultant, Investor, Philanthropist, Business Development Strategist For S.T.U.P.I.D.™ Thought Leaders (Smart, Talented, Unique, Person In Demand™) Founder Of The S.O.L.D.™ Business Development Process & "Why-To-Wealth 1% Club™" Board of Directors Emerson Brantley,Co-Creator Why-To-Wealth™ System & The S.O.L.D.™ Business Growth System Founder,
Why To Wealth:tm: Strategic BlueprintProven In Over 8,600 Successful Campaigns (and counting!)For years the marketing mantra has been "target the best 'avatar', hit their 'pain points' and focus on KPIs" (Key Performance Indicators). So why are 80% of new leads consistently less than qualified, or just plain wrong?Meanwhile, sales have been drilled to“overcome objections” and “close” more prospects. This WASTES 80% of their time on leads they shouldn’t even be talking to, sucking their focus from the lucrative 20% of prospects and clients that generate 80% of your revenue!What’s needed is a Marketing+Sales Partnership that bridges the gap between both teams, and gets you MORE of the right leads (and less of the rest). Now your sales can start producing the numbers they should!In this powerfulWhy To Wealth:tm: Strategic BlueprintYou Will Discover:The single biggest mistake that sabotages your profits... and the simple solution! (Most business owners and entrepreneurs get this completely backwards!)The 4 Essential S.O.L.D.:tm: Elements to quickly create massive marketing breakthroughs and sales results, even if your numbers have been “hit or miss” up till now! (Sales becomes order takers!)How To Know Why they will buy from you before they do, and create the exact message they need to hear! (Your message becomes a lot easier once you know this!)The 6 Guiding Whytology:tm: Questions to ask for the perfect Strategy AND exact tactics that will get you the greatest results --even exponential increases-- from your marketing! (Who or What you sell aren’t number 1 on the list!)
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