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Posted: Tue Apr 21st 2020

Mobile Anesthesiologists

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mobile anesthesiologists, outsourced anesthesiologists
With Mobile Anesthesiologists, you can have an office-based surgical solution brought to you by specially trained, highly-reputable, board-certified/-eligible doctors and nurses with extensive experience safely administering anesthesia and handling all perioperative needs in your office environment. Along with the personnel, Mobile sets up and provides all anesthesia-related medications, supplies, equipment, and emergency items that transform your office into a surgical suite with the same capabilities and resources as a surgery center – but with much less cost to you and your patients.
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Mobile Anesthesiologists
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8420 West Bryn Mawr Avenue # 300
Chicago, IL
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(773) 355-5300
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*Year Found: 1996
*Number of Employee: 70