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Posted: Sat Apr 16th 2022

Peerless PMU

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At Peerless PMU Microblading Savannah Ga we know your eyebrows are a very important part of your look, as they frame your face. Nothing improves your look quite as much as keeping your eyebrows perfectly groomed. If your brows were naturally full and perfectly shaped you wouldn’t need to bother looking into microblading, but unfortunately for most of us, this just is not the case.
So many of us feel that our eyebrows are either too thin, uneven, patchy, even under defined. Imagine if you could make everything you dislike about your brows a thing of the past. Imagine making all these choices about your desired brow look once, and then being done with it. No more having to create this look everyday using makeup. This is what microblading and ombre brows has achieved for so many beautiful faces!
Whether you like the faded look or just want to create a more dramatic arch, microblading can make it happen. There are no better artists for microblading eyebrows in Savannah GA than ours!
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815 Southbridge Blvd
Savannah, GA
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Monday to Friday
Saturday 10AM–4PM
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