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Posted: Fri Aug 23rd 2019

Majestic Medical Touch Spa

1253 Caroline St NE, (e110) Suite 109
Atlanta, GA 30307



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Discover Deep Relaxation, erase Knots and Adhesions that lead to trigger points when you let our skilled therapists perform custom massage modalities aimed at relaxing you, melting you and renewing you. You'll find relief just like the 10's of thousands of patients that have found relief from back pains, neck pains, shoulder pains, knee pains, and sore tired feet.
Why Chose Us. We’re your neighborhood Massage specialists that use a combination of modalities from all over the world to loosen fascia and decompress soft tissue while toning your muscles. What you get with our healing hands is a blending of science, compassion, knowledge to combat your most urgent pain while reducing most if not all of your stress and tension. You'll love how your body responds to our custom massage, couples massages, facials and bodywork that is applied at various speeds and amplitudes with Just the Right Touch and Pressure. You'll also love how much your range of motion movement has improved, your pain from knots and adhesions has diminished, and your stress levels have totally decreased right on the table.