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Posted: Thu Jul 15th 2021

Essential ChiroCare

Essential ChiroCare will help you finally tackle that stress, soreness, and stiffness in your neck, shoulder, and back areas. Those who don’t know the term myofascial refer to a muscle (myo-) and connective tissue (fascia). Fascia is like a thin coat of plastic wrap around each one of our muscles -- sometimes, these can get short due to injury or pain, leaving people feeling tight. That's where our chiropractors in Tampa come in! So relax while our qualified therapists focus on your problem areas with expertise, quickness, and care until all your discomfort goes away!

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Address: 13813 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, Florida, 34677
Phone: (813) 253-0711
Email: info@EssentialChiroCare.com
Website: https://www.essentialchirocare.com