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Posted: Wed Sep 22nd 2021

Tree Cutting Tech

Serving the South Florida area, Tree Cutting Tech specializes in tree maintenance; including trimming, planting, relocation, and removal. We also offer yard cleanup, irrigation repairs, and hurricane preparedness services.Trimming allows for better access to light inside the canopy which can reduce stress on a plant as well as increase the growth rate for plants that are cut down or trimmed properly. Properly trimming your garden will give you healthier fruits and trees. There are multiple reasons to trim a tree and all of them will result in a better-looking and performing tree. Tree limbs grow naturally without regular maintenance, but this allows your trees to reach their full potential.

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Address : 6256 NW 62nd Terrace , Parkland, FL 33067

Phone: 954-621-7992

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Hours: Mon - Sun - 8 AM - 8 PM

Services : tree service, tree trimming, tree maintenance , Tree Planting , Tree Trimming , Irrigation