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Posted: Wed Mar 06th 2024

Dip Devices

Address :
2209 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205 USA

Phone: (844) 922-8273

Email :


Unparalleled in versatility, our devices evolve and adapt to you. Artful and innovative engineering allows you to consume how, when, and where you want. All designs feature our patented airflow technology, eliminating the need for inconvenient butane torches, and easily adjustable power settings elevate your experience with purer flavors and more clouds.
Part of our promise as a company is to advocate for social change, one device at a time. The Dip Devices team is actively involved in changing the conversation around herbal medicine by supporting advocacy organizations including our support for Students for Sensible Drug Policy and our President serving as a board member for MPP.
Our activism goes beyond our industry, with a portion of sales donated to organizations making a positive impact on the world. We continue to launch new devices and color options that support a range of causes from LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC rights to environmental conservation.

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