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Posted: Thu Mar 10th 2022

Golden State Workers Compensation Attorneys

If you have suffered an injury, such as a head injury, back injury, hand injury, leg injury, foot injury, neck injury, broken bone injury, spinal cord injury or repetitive stress injury on the job, you may be entitled to payments for various types of damages. Examples of work comp benefits, include medical bills, lost income from taking time off work, job rehabilitation, and lump sum payments. If your injury is not permanent, you may be able to collect temporary disability benefits, which is typically two-thirds of your weekly income. If you were permanently injured, you may be awarded a lump sum payment or paid benefits over a period of time.

To maximize the amount of work comp benefits you get, look to an experienced work injury attorney at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation. They will carefully review your case to determine what’s right and fair. The dedicated work injury lawyers in our group won’t let greedy insurance companies deny, delay or modify your claim just because they want to keep profits high. Working alongside some of the best in medicine, investigation, and life care, they will build a strong case showing why you deserve the maximum amount of benefits allowed under the law.

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