San Jose, CA - Local - Business Opportunity

Posted: Mon Dec 20th 2021

Diamanti, Inc.

111 North Market Street Suite 800
San Jose, CA
(408) 645-5111
Diamanti offers the only complete life-cycle management platform for Kubernetes and containerized environments, allowing enterprises to unlock the full potential of the cloud and de-risk their environments – all with screamingly-fast performance at any scale.
By enabling data availability, data security, backup and disaster recovery for Kubernetes-based applications running on-premises or across clouds, Diamanti has helped dozens of Global services in production.
Diamanti works with every major Kubernetes platform and supports the most common data service providers, ensuring that your architecture and ecosystem can gain the full support of a purpose-built solution that is secure, reliable, and future-proof.
Enterprises using Diamanti have been able to supercharge their application performance and data services, while dramatically reducing costs and the size of their data center footprint. Customers have been able to:
● Reduce TCO for Kubernetes deployments by 70%
● Achieve guaranteed performance with ->1M IOPs per node
● Shrink their hardware footprint by 80%
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