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Posted: Fri Mar 17th 2023

New Century Headstones

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New Century Headstones in Los Angeles, CA is dedicated to providing you with affordable grave markers and headstones. We offer design by traditional engraving as well as laser. In addition, our online design option makes it easy to create and order your flat headstone.Buying a Headstone in Los Angeles Has Never Been This Easy. Are you looking for a memorial headstone in Los Angeles? Do you want to pay a final tribute to your loved one? Look no further – New Century Headstones is always at your service. We are a team of professional headstone designers dedicated to providing top-notch custom designs that capture the essence and personality of your loved one.High-Quality Traditional and Laser Designs. The first decision to make when buying a headstone is whether to choose a classic deep-cut sand-blasted design or a laser-etched design. At New Century Headstones, we will help you in making this decision.Traditional Headstones Design: Our traditional headstones are beautifully carved and present themselves as masterpieces once completed. If you are looking for a timeless and elegant design, then this style is for you.Laser Headstones Design: Our laser designs are done with high-tech laser etching machines that etch and engrave the stone in a precise manner. This technology allows much more detail on the artwork, and images engraved directly onto the granite, though this process is only possible on absolute black granite. If you wish to incorporate a portrait of your loved one on the headstone, this one is for you.
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