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Posted: Tue Sep 14th 2021

ProAir Industries, Inc.

ProAir Industries, Inc. developed the #1 Best Rated Air Duct Cleaning Equipment and our service company, Pacific Duct Cleaning has and is performing small and large air duct cleaning services. Over the years we have grown in our experience in cleaning air ducts. We started in residential duct cleaning and have evolved into servicing large commercial & governmental projects. Some of these projects include large corporate facilities, retail stores, medical buildings, airports & many county & state facilities.

As we grew in our experience our equipment needs grew as well. These bigger projects required higher ladders and sometimes lifts to reach the ducts. We needed to adopt a rotary brush system to clean the larger ducts effectively. As we grew in the size and scope of the work, we quickly learned that our equipment needed to evolve as well.

We looked for better ways for our equipment to help us complete the job. Some worked really well! Some…not so much. But by going through this experience we adopted the equipment that worked best, costs less and cuts time off the duct cleaning process.

Our hope is that you can put our experience to work for you. No duct cleaning job is the same, you will run into questions that you don’t have the answers for. It’s o.k. That’s why we’re here, to guide you through the challenges, give advice from our experience and help you to become as successful as we have. We are only a phone call away, what are you waiting for?

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