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Posted: Wed Aug 11th 2021

True Life Recovery - Orange County Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Addiction treatment center
16832 Maple St
Fountain Valley, CA
United States
True Life Recovery is a safe and compassionate medical detox center located in a peaceful community near the Pacific coast. We offer a home-like environment where clients can focus on their treatment without distractions. Clients are monitored around the clock to ensure their safety and comfort by our highly trained clinical staff that includes licensed counselors and therapists. Our medical team is supervised by Dr. Randall Turner, DO, a Board-Certified Psychiatrist and addiction specialist specializing in detox services. Dr. Turner also provides psychiatric assessments, identifying any underlying issues clients may be experiencing.
Just as all clients are unique, we strive to design unique detox programs for each client. Personalized monitoring of vital signs and withdrawal symptoms allows us to create individualized programs that may include medication-assisted treatment.
Addiction treatment center, Medical Detox, Safe & Comfortable Detox, Professional & Compassionate Care, 24/7 Monitoring
Monday to Sunday 8am–10pm
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