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Posted: Sat May 01st 2021

Hampel Security Consulting Inc & HSC Private Investigations PI #188970

Owner name:
Mr Hampel

Full Address :
1902 Wright Place , Suite 200
Carlsbad, CA
United States


Phone Number:

Business Email :

Description :
Hampel security Consulting Inc. & HSC Private Investig provides multiple service's to include but not limited too:
*Provided experienced and knowledgeable Private Investigators that provide multiple services
exercising extreme discretion and maintaining complete confidentiality.
* Conduct a comprehensive physical security assessment of your place of business or venues for
upcoming events.
*Provides extensive training that will help increase survivability in an "Active Shooter/Workplace
Violence" event.
*Provides Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC) training catered for civilians and Tactical Combat
Casualty Care (TCCC) for Military and Law Enforcement from certified Instructors.

Address report, Anti-stalking, Background investigations, Comprehensive background report, Deceased
search, Infidelity investigations, Person location services, Phone number search, Process serving, Social
media & internet investigations, Surveillance services, Fugitive Recovery

Business Hours:
Mon-TO-Sun 24 hours