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Posted: Fri Jun 02nd 2023

Choi Urology, PLLC

Choi Urology, PLLC seeks to meet the needs of people of all ages who need expert medical solutions for sexual and urological disorders. Dr. Kenneth Choi, a Yale-trained, board-certified urologist, offers his expertise in the latest surgical and medical interventions to treat problems in sexual health and urology in Tucson, Arizona.
Dr. Kenneth Choi’s urology and sexual health practice provides cutting-edge medical solutions for improving sexual performance, reducing discomfort and elevating the quality of life for patients in Tucson, Arizona, and its surrounding areas.
Dr. Choi will offer his patients a highly personalized experience, providing them with effective, medically sound, and innovative solutions for their sexual and urological concerns.

||Address: 3140 N Swan Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712
||Phone: +1 (520) 612-2464
||Webite: https://www.choiurology.com/