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Posted: Thu Jul 02nd 2020

Industrial Code Management LLC - Arizona

Industrial Code Management LLC is serves all of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah for: Mechanical Inspection, Certified Welding Inspector, OSHA Safety, MSHA Safety, Site Quality Management, and Site Technical Advisors. Our staff has the experience in all disciplines of industrial code and documentation. The safety and industrial inspection teams have experience in refineries, power generation, solar thermal, geo-thermal, natural gas, co-gens, chemical plants, mining operations, and smelter plants. ICM handles all first, second and third party representation on behalf of the Owner, EPC, General Contractor, or Subcontractor. The team operates in safe, efficient manner, and train employees according to the site specific and current OSHA or MSHA regulations.
Our quality team consists of experienced Certified Welding Inspection that have an extensive backgrounds in API, AWS, ASME, and AWWA codes. We have site management personnel that will develop an ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) according to the requirements of your project. The site manager is also responsible for weld inspection documentation control and maintaining clean records of production as the progress takes place. Excellent documentation in a clear format is what sets us apart from the rest. Our code QC turnover packages are clear and easy to follow. The daily inspection test reports from our AWS CWI team, allows the construction management team to track the flow of the project more efficiently. Identifying problems in a short timeframe is what makes great planning and tracking possible. Our AWS CWI crew has the ability to qualify procedures, and certify the procedures are followed in accordance to the code.
Our OSHA safety coordinators are responsible for training the crew within the OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 guidelines before the start of the project. Employees will understand and learn about the safety hazards that exist within their workplace environment. The employees will be given training by OSHA certified trainers, and tested to see how well they retain the knowledge being presented. Upon successful completion of the exam, each employee will be in certified with the competency of OSHA 10 or OSHA 30.
Our MSHA safety coordinators are responsible for training the crew within the MSHA regulations. The training will consist of site required regulatory training: Surface, Underground, Metal/Non-Metal, New Miner, and Refresher Classes. The workers are required to be trained on each piece of equipment or operation of equipment by a competent individual or trainer. The employee will receive an MSHA 5000-23 form showing that they have been verified to be competent in the use of tools and equipment for their daily work activities.
Industrial Code Management assembles and coordinates corporate safety manuals and quality control manuals. These manuals are constructed in accordance to industry standards and codes in which our client is operating within. ICM has the experience constructing ASME Code Stamp manuals for corporations working within ASME and BPVC.
ICM technical advisors have decades of experience within their specialty. Technical advisors work closely with Superintendents, Construction Managers, Quality Managers and Engineering to assist in identifying potential problems and oversights of the design engineering company. They are to assist the client with any potential RFI by adding time saving recommendations to the process. Our team members have experience within power generation including precision turbine projects. High pressure ASME Section I boiler and boiler external piping advisors are also available for boiler outages and new steam boiler installations. Our technical advisors also have an excellent background in process piping flow, maintenance, and plant operations.
ICM has Mechanical QA representatives that assist short term turnarounds and outages to make sure the proper mechanical components are being installed in the proper line class designation. Our QA team works closely with the contractors to assist them in identifying issues as they arise. Call today for rates on your next industrial project.

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