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Posted: Fri Dec 11th 2020

Caridas Consulting International

Full address:
5850 San Felipe St. #500,
Houston, TX. 77057
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At Caridas Consulting International we offer business consulting that transforms people and organizations. Ms. Caridas integrates her leading edge work on “Flow” in the workplace and combines it with traditional business consulting to consistently deliver results for her client companies. Flow is that state that gets people in the “zone of high performance”. We assist our clients in designing a work environment that allows all employees to perform at their best. It is our experience that the great untapped resource in your organization are people. How do you organize work so people can excel and they do it because they want to do it? We have that secret sauce! (link to 10 Indicators of Superior Performance)
Companies come to us if they are in need of a turnaround or if they are already high performing and want a winning formula to get to the next level of performance. We assist executives to improve issues such as:
Aligning employees with company business goals
Building internal capability
Increasing sales revenues
Employee engagement
Employee retention
Unpredictable change
We welcome you to Caridas Consulting International. If you’re on this page, it’s probably because you are looking for more than just conventional business consulting. You are searching for someone who will do more for you than merely flood you with graphs and numbers. You want someone who will use those numbers to help you improve both your bottom line at the same time as improving the satisfaction, well-being, and productivity of your workforce on both individual and organizational levels.
Ms. Caridas puts her extensive experience as a consultant and business executive in fields as varied as telecom, healthcare, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, and education to do more than just advise you; she will give you the tools that you need to increase employee productivity, commitment, and engagement throughout all levels of your company.
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